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The name “ZAVATI” evokes all that is positive in business and in life. It exemplifies excellence, perfection and above all character.

Our logo is the symbolic echo of these traits. It is the foundation of our corporate identity. It helps us power the distinctive Zavati brand and bestows us with a distinguishing visual image.

Illustrated in vibrant, rainbow like colors, it is very attractive and shows the rising sun in an array of colors in the form of a crown.  The colors are not that of a full rainbow, which show the evolving nature of the brand. The logo in the form of a crown rises in six (6) different rays with each ray depending on the other for its originality and sustainability, thus demonstrating the togetherness of the Zavati brand. The blending rainbow colors also signify the diversity of the group and the synergy within them, thus one color seamlessly transitioning into the other as the workings/relationships within the group.

Through its wide usage, we create a consistent, impact-oriented Group image. This undoubtedly enhances our profile among our internal and external stakeholders.

Our corporate logo thus serves as an umbrella for our Group. It signals the common values and beliefs that guide our behavior in all our entrepreneurial activities.

The success of the Zavati group depends on the success of the subsidiaries, which rest on the harmony and seamless blend between the individual companies. It embeds a sense of purpose and belonging in the group.

We depend on each other as we rise to rule.


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